Expenditures on subsidised commodities reached EGP 89 billion in 2019/20 budget: Egypt's Cabinet

MENA , Monday 26 Aug 2019

Cairo's headquarters of the Egyptian ministry of finance (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The Egyptian cabinet's media centre said on Monday that state expenditures on subsidised commodities rose to EGP 89 billion in the 2019/20 budget from EGP 86.2 billion in 2018/19.

The centre said that state expenditures on subsidised commodities over the past years were EGP 39.4 billion in 2014/15, EGP 42.7 billion in 2015/16, EGP 47.5 billion in 2016/17 and EGP 80.5 billion in 2017/18.

The centre said that 89 offices selling subsidised commodities were developed across the nation and efforts are underway to upgrade 535 others.

It added that 88.5 percent of needy families were included in the new national subsidy system.

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