Maximum wage will be implemented retroactively from January

Marwa Hussein, Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

The maximum wage, set at 35 times the rate of a junior employee, will apply from the beginning of this year


The government will be implementing the maximum wage retroactively from January of this year, according to an official. 

"The maximum wage will be implemented retroactively from the start of the year after the promulgation of the executive regulations. Ask me about it at the end of the year," said Safwat Al-Nahas, president of the Central Agency for Organisation and Administration.

Al-Nahas's statement came after a press release issued by Momtaz El-Said, Minister of Finance, underlining that the maximum wage entered into implementation since January, and denying media reports that the maximum wage will be implemented from March.

The ruling military council issued a decree in December setting the national maximum wage at 35 times the minimum wage of a third-grade employee at the same government body, effective from January.

The minister said that a maximum wage will be implemented in public banks as well, linked to the minimum wage in the banking sector and therefore much higher than the one fixed for public administration.

Implementing maximum wages at public-sector banks met a lot of resistance. The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Governor Farouk El-Oqda has openly stated his refusal to implement the measure at banks, while public-sector bank employees have staged demonstrations against the application of wage caps.

The minister, however, hasn’t clarified if the maximum wage was implemented in public administration only or throughout the public sector.

Ahram Online learned from different sources that a maximum wage has not been set yet in many places, including banks.

The Minister of Industry, Mahmoud Issaa, was the first to implement a maximum wage in October 2011 in organisations dependent on his ministry, such as the Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) and the Organ of Industrial Development.

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