Egypt issues corruption decree

Ahmed Feteha, Thursday 1 Mar 2012

Finance ministry announces end to auditors at public institutions receiving benefits from the very establishment they are inspecting

All extra benefits received by public financial auditors will be cancelled, Egypt's finance ministry announced Thursday.

Auditors in charge of overseeing the finances of public institutions in Egypt are usually granted financial or in-kind benefits from the institutions they are assessing. The decree, number 92 of 2012, removes such benefits.

"This decision is not new, a similar decree was issued in 1992, but it had some exceptions," a source at the ministry told Ahram Online on condition of anonymity.

"Now all exceptions are removed."

The decree is aimed at reducing opportunities for corruption, but could be undermined by the low salaries of many Egyptian public servants.

"It doesn't make sense that someone gets paid by an institution which he is in charge of auditing," the source said, adding that auditors will not see any rise in their salaries in compensation.

Finance Minister Momtaz El-Said explained in an emailed statement that the decree includes all the ministry's representatives who oversee the disbursal of funds from the central treasury to every branch of the state, including localities and economic institutions. 

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