Banque du Caire opens new branch at Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed

Sara Al-Issawy , Saturday 11 Jan 2020

Chairman and CEO of Banque du Caire Tariq Fayed said the new branch is part of an ambitious strategy to function in institutions and meet customers' demands

Banque du Caire in Ahly
Banque du Caire opens new branch at Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed (Photo Courtesy of Sara Al-Issawy)

Banque du Caire signed with the Ahly Club to open a new branch in the club, in Sheikh Zayed, for 10 years, bringing the total number of branches of the bank across Egypt to 230.
The contract was signed by Mohamed Hashem, Banque du Caire head of legal affairs, in the presence of Tariq Fayed, chairman and CEO of the bank, Hazem Hegazy, vice-chairman of the board, Haidi Al-Nahas, general manager of communications and sustainable development, Mohamed Hosni, head of the Sector of Branches, Sharif Shalash, general manager of administrative affairs, Abeer Bakr, director of the Real Estate Sector, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, deputy director general of the Real Estate Sector, and Khaled Al-Nouti, head of real estate assets.

Inking the deal from the club was Al-Mohamed Morgan, the club’s executive director, in the presence of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s chairman, Khaled Al-Dirandali, treasurer, Emad Helmy, chief financial officer, and Mohamed Fathi, director of legal affairs.

According to this contract, the bank provides all banking services to club members in Sheikh Zayed, in addition to financing customers to obtain membership of the club’s branch.

Fayed said he was happy the contract was signed given the Ahly is one of the largest sports clubs in the Middle East and Africa, adding that the new branch will be designed to keep pace with the latest standards, which work to consolidate the bank’s identity and support its position by choosing a unified model for the bank's form.

Fayed added that Banque du Caire has an ambitious strategy to function in institutions to meet the banking requirements of customers and to facilitate access to services with high efficiency in the least possible time.

He explained that the bank has implemented an integrated plan to develop its branch network, which is not limited to changing the form only, but mainly aims to develop the banking process procedures for customer experience and services provided to clients, especially young people, as well as targeting the launch of the first smart branch "Digital Branch" during the current year to provide banking services using technology without having to deal with bank employees.

The contract between Banque du Caire and the Ahly Club comes after the recent bidding to establish a bank complex that was awarded to the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Banque du Caire to open branches in the Sheikh Zayed club branch.

The bank aims to open 25 new branches this year.  

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