Banque du Caire supports 10 thousands families of daily employment in the face of the Coronavirus

Sara Al-Issawy , Wednesday 1 Apr 2020

 Banque Du Caire
A branch of Banque Du Caire is pictured at the Upper Egypt city of Aswan, Egypt February 21, 2020. REUTER

Tariq Fayed, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Banque du Caire announced that The Bank is supporting 10 Thousands families of daily employment to provide emergency food aid for the unregulated employment.

 Fayed also stressed responsibility towards society we all mobilized to address any challenges or obstacles to society, stressing the importance of monitoring efforts to all institutions along with the Egyptian government in various institutions to meet the economic impacts of the confidence of the Corona.

The Chairman of Banque du Caire, said the main axis of the Bank's policy in the field of community work is to participate in all community initiatives that stepped from the actual challenges faced by society, especially during the exceptional circumstances and from the participation of Banque du Caire in the restoration of the houses affected by the newly valley households under the exceptional weather conditions in the country, in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development, the Bank has provided industrial breathing bodies in the face of the Corona virus, and the launch of many initiatives in various fields.

The Bank's initiative to support Egyptian employment in cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank (CPA) was established within the "Supporting Day" responsibility "campaign.

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