Huawei Technologies offers solutions to underpin the Egyptian market amid COVID-19 crisis

Doaa A.Moneim , Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

The company called for building a ‘digital ecosystem cube’ to ensure business expansion and maximise profitability amid the ongoing crisis

Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman at Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies said on Monday that it is set to offer a hundred robust solutions adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to underpin the Egyptian market, in a bid to help businesses globally to address the challenges imposed by COVID-19.

At a press conference held as part of the Huawei Connect 2020 global meeting, the company called for building a "digital ecosystem cube" with three dimensions to ensure business expansion and maximise profitability amid the challenges that the COVID-19 crisis imposes on all economies and businesses across the world.

The cube’s first dimension is based on the knowledge of the unsatisfactory services offered to the customers in various sectors and industries, while the second dimension focuses on gathering the different capabilities of partners and service providers, and making full use of their strengths.

The third dimension is centred on developing multiple approaches for cooperation, and presenting business models, through making intensive efforts to create and share value with various partners, in order to continue expanding the size of the market.

The conference discussed the paradigm shift in the field of digitisation to create greater value and the importance of digital transformation in promoting innovation in various fields and industries to create shared value for service providers and beneficiaries.

Joy Kelly, vice president of international media affairs at Huawei, said that AI is the new revolution in the information technology sector.

He described the new revolution as “the integration of the five tech domains” -- connectivity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and applications -- which will achieve all-round and multi-layered connection of people, things, and information.

Adnan Bin Halima, deputy head of the regional public relations department, stated that 2020 was an exceptional year due to the global pandemic, and has witnessed an unprecedented need for connectivity in areas such as telemedicine, telework, and tele-education.

“All these fields and others have become necessities for the human society. According to the Huawei Global Connectivity Index, the total number of calls around the world will reach 200 billion by 2025. With the presence and the usage of artificial intelligence in many industries and as AI enters a wide range of industries, these newly connected objects are transforming from people and information to intelligence,” Bin Halima said.

Huawei Connect is an annual event hosted by the firm for the global communication and information technology industry, described as an open platform designed to help Huawei’s customers and partners stay informed about new technological developments. 

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