Cabinet: Egypt electricity consumption rises 95 pct over last decade

Marwa Hussein, Tuesday 17 Apr 2012

National electricity-consumption levels grow by whopping 95 pct from 2001 to 2010 - more than three times international and Arab-world averages for same period

Egypt's electricity consumption grew by 95 per cent in the period from 2001/02 to 2009/10 to reach a total of 127 billion kilowatts per hour, according to new figures released by the Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC).

The growth in Egyptian electricity consumption was more than three times the international and Arab-world averages, both of which stood at 31 per cent for the same period.  

The number of Egyptian electricity subscribers, meanwhile, grew by 28.5 per cent in the period from 2004/05 to 2010/11 to reach a total of 26.6 million subscribers countrywide.

Households represented the primary consumer, accounting for almost 40 per cent of local consumption (more or less in line with international levels), followed by the industrial sector at 32.4 per cent and the commercial sector at 8 per cent. Electricity exports to other countries in the region, meanwhile, accounted for a mere 1.1 per cent of total consumption.

Saudi Arabia was the Arab world's largest electricity consumer in 2010, followed by Egypt. Kuwait, however, recorded the largest per-capita consumption rate for the same year.

In terms of production, Egyptian electricity production grew at levels slower than those for demand, rising by almost 80 per cent over the last decade to a total of 139 billion kilowatts per hour. This is faster than the international average of 29.7 per cent for the same period.

Egypt currently stands at 29th place – at 0.6 per cent of global electricity production – out of 211 electricity-producing nations. Egypt boasts a total of six electricity-production companies, five of which are distributed throughout the country on a geographical basis while the sixth is devoted exclusively to hydraulic power plants.

Renewable energy sources – including hydraulic, wind and solar energy – currently account for 10.7 per cent of Egypt's total energy production, with this figure expected to reach 20 per cent by 2020.

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