Egypt's FJP 'hacks' Saudi commission for draft anti-cyber crime law

Bassem Abo Alabass , Friday 27 Apr 2012

Freedom and Justice Party criticised for copying Saudi anti-cyber crime law and leaving the word 'Kingdom' in the draft

Cyber Crimes
(Photo: Reuters)

Egyptian activists have condemned the draft anti-cyber crime law published by the research and legal studies committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood.

Ahram Arabic-language portal reported on Thursday the 13 articles of FJP's anti-cyber crime law.

Dozens of activists used Twitter to criticise the FJP’s draft law which was copied directly from the Saudi anti-cyber crime law without any changes.

Article 12 of the controversial draft law still contains the word “Kingdom” which is irrelevant to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Article 12 says, "Application of this law shall not prejudice the provisions of relevant laws, especially those pertaining to intellectual property rights, nor relevant international agreements to which the Kingdom is party."

The Saudi anti-cyber crime law was issued under the Council of Ministers Decision No. 79 in 2007 and it was approved by Royal Decree No. M/17.


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