Egypt's FJP has not discussed anti-cybercrime laws: Party official

Ahram Online, Saturday 28 Apr 2012

Freedom and Justice Party hits back at media claims it is trying to import Saudi Arabia's internet legislation, saying the relevant committees have not even discussed the issue

Tweeps responded with scorn to suggestions of Saudi-inspired laws (Photo: Reuters)

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has rejected local media claims it is pushing for Saudi Arabia-inspired laws to combat computer hacking and ban terrorism and pornography websites.

On Thursday, Ahram's Arabic-language portal published what it said were 13 articles of the FJP's proposed anti-cybercrime law.
Dozens of activists used Twitter to criticise the proposals which Ahram's report suggested were lifted without change from Saudi's anti-cybercrime legislation.
In a statement published on the Muslim Brotherhood's official English website, Ahmed Suleiman, assistant secretary general of the FJP, said the issue had never even been discussed by the party's Secretariat of Development and Planning nor by its Communications and Technology Committee.
No such draft law was even listed on the agenda at meetings of the committee, Suleiman said.
He added that the FJP has a number of other laws that it is seeking to pass during the first legislative term of parliament. These include anti-corruption measures, as well as bills for trade unions and the independence of universities.
Ahram's Arabic-language article included alleged scans of a draft of the FJP's proposed bill.
Article 12 still contained the word “Kingdom” which is irrelevant to the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The Saudi anti-cybercrime law was issued under the Council of Ministers Decision No. 79 in 2007 and approved by Royal Decree No. M/17.
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