Berlin Green Talk discusses investment best practices, solutions for sustainable development in Africa

Doaa A.Moneim , Tuesday 20 Apr 2021

The virtual dialogue is one of more than 25 events being held across Africa and Europe ahead of the high-level Green Investment Forum taking place in Lisbon next week


Ministers of state for foreign affairs from Germany and Portugal and the European Investment Bank (EIB)’s Vice President, Thomas Östros, joined on Monday more than 80 business leaders, diplomats from Africa and Europe, financial experts, as well as development specialists at the Berlin Green Talk (virtual dialogue) to share investment best practices and outline how to accelerate the green transition in the context of EU-African relations.

The virtual dialogue, organised by the EIB and Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, is one of more than 25 events being held across Africa and Europe ahead of the high-level Green Investment Forum taking place in Lisbon on 23 April.

During the meeting, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany Niels Annen said that Germany and the EU are committed to working with public and private partners to deliver sustainable development and create opportunities from the green transition in Africa.

He noted that recent innovative investment across Africa has harnessed renewable energy and has ensured access to finance and secured a supply of clean water for millions of people, adding that Berlin Green Talks allow innovative ideas and technical best-practices to be shared and strengthen the impact of future investment.

Meanwhile, Portuguese Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Francisco André said that Africa and Europe are committed to accelerating the green transition and delivering sustainable development.

He added that the Berlin Green Talk bringing together partners to share technical, financial, and environmental expertise is essential to accelerating new investment that delivers both a stronger recovery after the pandemic and a greener future for Africa and Europe.

Participants, including representatives of the German Development Institute, Federation of German Industries, and Siemens highlighted how innovation and close cooperation can scale up clean energy, sustainable transport, and business investment in Africa.

Also, the green transition was highlighted as a unique opportunity that can both create economic opportunities and strengthen economic resilience to COVID-19, as well as increase protection from a changing climate and enabling more sustainable use of resources.

“Today’s Berlin Green Talks bring together private and public partners from across Germany, Europe, and Africa. This will ensure a more sustainable future for this planet and its people. The Portuguese EU Presidency and European Investment Bank are pleased to join forces with German business, political, and conservation partners to learn from each other and ensure that lessons learnt in Germany, Europe, and Africa can enhance sustainable development around the world. Together, we share a common goal of accelerating and increasing sustainable investment that both unlocks economic and social opportunities.” said Östros.

“Partnership between Africa and Europe is key to increasing investment that is essential to combat climate change and to create new opportunities. The impressive examples of successful sustainable investment discussed at the Berlin Green Talks today will be shared with African, European, and global green leaders in Lisbon next week,” said Francisco Ribeiro De Menezes, the ambassador of Portugal to Germany.

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