EU-AU summit presents unique opportunity for deeper partnership: EU Ambassador to Egypt

Doaa A.Moneim , Tuesday 15 Feb 2022

The European Union-African Union (AU) two-day summit, which is scheduled to kick off in Brussels on Thursday, will present a unique opportunity to lay the foundations for a renewed and deeper EU-AU partnership with the highest political involvement and based on trust and a clear understanding of mutual interests, the head of the EU Delegation to Egypt Ambassador Christian Berger stated on Tuesday.

Christian Berger
The head of the EU Delegation to Egypt Ambassador Christian Berger

“With a view to greater prosperity, the aim is to launch an ambitious Africa-Europe Investment Package, taking into account global challenges such as climate change and the current health crisis,” Berger explained.

Berger added that the leaders on both sides will also be talking about tools and solutions to promote stability and security.

“Egypt plays an important role in African affairs, and the active participation of President El-Sisi himself in this key Summit is a further demonstration. Egypt will also have a key global role later on as host of COP 27,” said the ambassador.

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi headed to Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday to participate in the sixth edition of the EU-AU summit.

According to a statement by the presidential spokesperson, El-Sisi will focus on various topics of concern to African nations, especially international efforts to facilitate these countries’ integration into the global economy, presidential spokesperson Bassam Rady said in a statement on Tuesday.

El-Sisi will also highlight the necessity of providing effective support to African countries in achieving the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals, transferring technology to developing countries, empowering them to rely on renewable energy sources, and boosting investments in these countries, according to the spokesperson.

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