Egypt making strides in becoming regional hub for vaccine manufacturing: GSK official

Doaa A.Moneim , Monday 31 Oct 2022

Egypt has taken significant strides towards becoming a regional vaccine manufacturing hub, including being recognised in March as a country that meets the relevant international standards, said Mohamed El-Attar, head of health economics sector at GSK.



El-Attar made his comments during the third edition of Al-Ahram Establishment’s two-day pharmaceutical conference that kicked off on Sunday.

The official at the British multinational pharmaceutical company also pointed out that Egypt’s cold-storage complex has so far received 150 million of COVID-19 vaccine doses, which is supporting the country to become a regional hub for vaccine manufacturing.

El-Attar also made reference to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) announcement in March naming Egypt as one of the countries whose vaccine regulation had reached maturity level three, which means that they were found to function well and meet international standards.

“Clinical studies have showed that the best investment in the social initiatives is investing in vaccinations, as every $1 invested in such area generates $44 in revenues driven by the huge demand on vaccines in the developing countries, in particular. 90 percent of the Egyptians depend on the vaccines the health ministry provides,” according to El-Attar.

He added that the WHO asserted the necessity of vaccines and recognised them as the second most important human need after drinking water.

Moreover, vaccines are given to over six billion individual worldwide to be protected against the infectious diseases, according to El-Aattar.

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