CBE Banking Institute launches Financial Literacy Hub to spread financial awareness in Egypt

Doaa A.Moneim , Thursday 22 Dec 2022

Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the official training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt, announced on Wednesday the launch of its online platform “Financial Literacy Hub” during a ceremony held in the presence of the heads of the financial inclusion and social responsibility departments in the Egyptian Banking sector.

Financial Literacy Hub
A screen shot of the online platform Financial Literacy Hub .


EBI said that the launch of the platform is part of its strategy to spread financial awareness and increase people’s ability to manage their finances.

The platform also aims to help people understand and use different financial services thereby contributing to financial inclusion.

The opening speech was delivered by Sherif Lokman, Sub-Governor of the Financial Inclusion Sector at the Central Bank of Egypt.

“Over the years, EBI has paid great attention to spreading financial literacy. In this context,  Shaping the Future initiative was launched in 2012 under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt to spread financial awareness […] Now, with the launch of our online platform “Financial Literacy Hub”, we can reach all segments of the society and expand the circle of beneficiaries”, said the institute's executive director Abdel-Aziz Nossier.

Nossier added that the EBI’s Financial Literacy hub will be the go-to source of information for youth and adults, children and entrepreneurs where they can explore the platform’s range of content ranging from E-learning programs to educational videos and booklets.

The platform will provide both youth and adults with financial concept booklets, e-learning courses and learning bites. As for children, the platform provides them with financial literacy booklets, financial literacy e-learning courses and financial literacy cartoon videos.

The platform also provides technical support to cater for the needs of start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs, through a set of tools which enable them to efficiently run their projects and businesses.

These tools include a databank which incorporates answers to frequently asked questions, E-learning training programs, and explainer videos. The platform also provides them with  the opportunity to consult with accredited experts who offer them advice and practical solutions for their projects to enhance their growth and success.

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