UK calls on new govt to make Egypt more attractive to investors

Amer Sultan in London, Saturday 11 Aug 2012

Westminster pledges its support for Egypt's new cabinet while stressing the importance of further political and economic reforms

The British foreign secretary (Photo:AP)

The UK has pledged its support for Egypt while calling on newly-appointed Prime Minister Hesham Qandil and his government to carry out reforms and make the country more attractive to foreign investors.

“Prime Minister David Cameron underlined his commitment to working with Egypt’s new leadership, and offered the UK’s support to Egypt’s transition process and economic development,” a spokesman for the UK Foreign Office told Ahram Online.
The spokesman said Westminster had sent several letters to Egypt's new government conveying congratulations and hopes for the future.
UK officials earlier said they are keen to strengthen bilateral relations with Egypt and help the country achieve economic and political reform.
Cameron has already congratulated the new Egyptian government on its appointment, the spokesman said.
The Foreign Office described the forming of Egypt's government as "an important milestone in the country’s transition to civilian, democratic rule."
One letter from Cameron urged Egypt to establish democratic institutions that would meet the Egyptian people’s aspirations for reform and accountability, the spokesman said. 
The letter also stressed the importance of Egypt writing "a new, broadly-agreed Constitution which protects the rights of all Egyptians," he added.
The UK government also reiterated the need for speedy reforms to help resuscitate the Egyptian economy and create a healthy environment for foreign direct investment.
It offered support for Egypt’s transition process and economic development.
In a separate letter to his Egyptian counterpart Mohammed Kamel Amr, William Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary said that the UK has a vested interest in Egypt's stability and prosperity.
"The letter offered help to the Egyptian government [to advance] economic reforms as soon as possible in order to fulfill the country’s economic potential and
boost the confidence of foreign investors," the Foreign Office spokesman said.
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