AVEVA is committed to achieve 90% of net-zero emissions by 2025

Monday 11 Dec 2023

AVEVA, leading Information technology consulting company, is committed to reducing its scope one and scope two emissions by at least 90% by 2025. This target was surpassed with a 93% reduction, said “Lisa Wee”, the Head of Global Sustainability at AVEVA.

Lisa Wee
Lisa Wee, the Head of Global Sustainability at AVEVA

AVEVA also aims to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions across its scope three value chain by 2030. This includes emissions associated with purchasing, business travel, and customer usage of AVEVA's products, according to “Wee”.

AVEVA sees reaching net-zero emissions as an opportunity for businesses to grow while creating a positive impact. The company believes in the strong connection between talent and innovation in achieving its sustainability goals.

To achieve its targets, AVEVA has taken concrete actions.

“It rapidly transitioned to renewable electricity, going from 1% to 11% to 100% renewable electricity for its offices in just three years. AVEVA also made a long-term commitment to sustainable aviation fuel to reduce travel emissions. By 2025, it aims to use at least 20% sustainable aviation fuel and is actively working to create a market for next-generation sustainable aviation fuel”, “Lisa” explained.

AVEVA also recognizes the need for both demand and supply-side actions in promoting sustainable aviation fuel.

“The company collaborates with other businesses and governments through initiatives like the First Movers Coalition to encourage the development and adoption of sustainable aviation fuel and biofuel production, particularly in regions with favorable conditions”, said “Wee”.

AVEVA, as “Lisa” noted, is also taking a leadership role in defining green software standards. As a software company, it aims to decouple its growth from carbon emissions and influence the industry's practices.

“The company has been measuring the emissions of its own software and is working with the Green Software Foundation to set standards for software companies worldwide. This collaborative effort aims to design software that minimizes unnecessary data movements and queries, reducing its environmental impact”, she added.

The sustainability initiatives undertaken by AVEVA involve coordination and collaboration among various teams, including sustainability professionals, research and development experts, and other stakeholders.

“AVEVA recognizes the importance of bringing together the right people and equipping them to integrate sustainability into their daily work”, “Wee” highlighted.

Overall, AVEVA's commitment to reducing emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, promoting sustainable aviation fuel, and setting green software standards demonstrates its dedication to driving positive change and contributing to global sustainability efforts.

In this respect, “Wee” outlined AVEVA’s key commitments under its sustainability plan. These commitments include:

Climate: AVEVA aims for a 90% reduction in emissions by 2025, along with the launch of green design principles and a 20% reduction in travel by the same year.

Ethical Reporting: AVEVA encourages employees to report unethical behavior and strives to be in the top 25% of the industry for reporting ethical issues.

Gender Diversification: AVEVA aims to have 50% of all new hires be women by 2030 and sets specific goals for gender diversity in management and leadership positions.

Learning and Development: AVEVA is committed to providing 40 hours of learning for all employees by 2025 to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Sustainable Innovation: AVEVA has launched a sustainability accelerator program to incorporate ideas from hackathons into their product portfolio, with a focus on sustainable innovation such as green hydrogen.

Regarding decarbonization efforts, “Lisa” explained that AVEVA has made progress in reducing emissions through initiatives like greening and electrifying their car fleet and improving operational efficiency.

“We also engage with their supply chain to set science-based targets and support smaller suppliers in their decarbonization journey. AVEVA follows global standards for target setting, reports using the GHG Protocol, and has their net-zero glide path validated by third parties. They also participate in initiatives like the climate drive to share tools and best practices for sustainability across businesses”, according to “Wee”.

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