Egypt's commodity exports recorded more than $35bln in 2023: Industry minister

MENA , Wednesday 7 Feb 2024

Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir said on Tuesday that Egypt has managed to increase its exports of commodities in a tangible way despite economic crises in the region and the world.

File Photo: Quay of Port of Alexandria. Al-Ahram
File Photo: Quay of Port of Alexandria. Al-Ahram

The minister's statements came while receiving a report from the General Organization for Exports and Imports on Egypt's trade volume. He said that the country's commodity exports recorded last year 35.631 billion dollars

He attributed the increase in exports to the high demand on Egyptian commodities after opening new markets for exports.

Samir said Egypt's imports decreased last year by 14 percent to register nearly 72 billion against 83 billion in the year before.

He said Egypt's exports to African countries increased by 7 percent to record over 2 billion dollars while the country's exports to Arab countries hit over 13 billion dollars, its exports to EU countries increased to more than 9 billion dollars and the United States to about 2 billion dollars.

Egyptian commodity exports to other countries hit more than 9 billion dollars, added the minister.

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