France, EU sign €61.5 mln financing agreements to develop Egypt’s Yellow River Water Treatment Plant

Doaa A.Moneim , Tuesday 26 Mar 2024

France and the European Union (EU) have signed 61.5 mln euro financing agreements to support the development of the Yellow River Water Treatment Plant project in Egypt, the Ministry of International Cooperation announced on Tuesday.

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Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat and the French Development Agency (FDA) have signed a 50 million euro developmental financing agreement and a 1.5 million euro grant.

Moreover, Al-Mashat has signed a 10 million euro grant agreement with the European Union, bringing the total funding to 61.5 million euros.

Egypt will direct this support to the project’s third phase to enhance wastewater treatment capabilities for Cairo's growing population.

This third phase, expected to serve a 17.5 million population by 2040, will provide wastewater collection and treatment services, according to a statement by the ministry.

The project is expected to be one of the largest water treatment plants in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

The treated water will be utilized for agricultural irrigation, supporting climate change adaptation efforts, and diversifying water resources, read the statement.

The project also embraces circular economy principles by converting treatment sludge into biogas, a renewable energy source that will power up to 80 percent of the plant's electricity needs, and reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional electricity sources, the statement added.

The Egyptian government is prioritizing the implementation and expansion of this project, as it recognizes the water sector’s pivotal role in comprehensive development and its impact on other sectors.

Furthermore, the project will create employment opportunities during construction and transfer expertise in wastewater treatment.

Improved water quality and access to clean water are anticipated to enhance public health in the region.

The agreements reflect confidence in Egypt's ability to successfully undertake infrastructure improvement projects while prioritizing environmental sustainability, according to the statement.

Al-Mashat highlighted the project's alignment with the sixth Sustainable Development Goal, which focuses on ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all.

She noted that approximately 20 percent of the development cooperation portfolio is dedicated to achieving this goal.

This project contributes to the ministry's ongoing efforts, which have successfully secured $1.7 billion for sustainable water resources management, housing, and sanitation projects between 2020 and 2023.

Deputy Housing Minister Sayed Ismail underscored the project’s crucial role in achieving the state's vision for water treatment and improving the population's well-being.

The French ambassador to Egypt emphasized the commitment of France and the EU to the strategic partnership with Egypt, particularly in the areas of water security and water management. 

Ambassador Christian Berger, head of the EU delegation in Egypt, highlighted the collaborative nature of the project, outlining the shared objective of creating a healthier future for communities throughout Egypt while enhancing environmental preservation.


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