Korea’s KOICA, Egypt's EAPD establish strategic partnership for sustainable development in Africa

Doaa A.Moneim , Thursday 6 Jun 2024

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic partnership on triangular cooperation to promote sustainable development in African countries, KOICA said Thursday in a statement.



The agreement was signed on 5 June in Seoul, Korea, during the Korea-Africa Future Partnership Conference hosted by KOICA as a sideline event of the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit.

This partnership, under the five-year MoU, will leverage the technical expertise, best practices, and resources of both South Korea and Egypt to build the capacity of African officials in critical sectors like agriculture, irrigation, and healthcare, the statement read.

"KOICA has been actively promoting triangular cooperation, and we anticipate that our partnership with the EAPD will contribute to enhancing South-South cooperation outcomes in the region," said KOICA President Wonsam Chang.

Moreover, the Egyptian Ambassador to Korea Khaled Hassan Abdelrahman emphasized Egypt's technical prowess in areas like agriculture, ICT, and health.

"KOICA will be a key partner in Egypt's efforts to expand regional cooperation in Africa," he said.

The MoU serves as a strategic alliance between the two development agencies, pooling their resources and expertise to drive sustainable socio-economic progress in Africa. 

KOICA, a Korean government agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, implements grant aid programmes aiming to combat poverty and support sustainable socio-economic growth in developing countries.

KOICA Egypt Office, established in 1998, provides technical education for youths, supports the digitalization of government services and systems, and carries out programmes to address gender-based violence and women empowerment.

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