Egyptian strongman 'Samson' plans airplane tug stunt

Ahram Online, Wednesday 12 Sep 2012

Former Guinness Record holder Mohamed 'Shamshoun' will haul 84-tonne aircraft with his teeth in a bid to boost tourism

Samson vs Plane: Egyptian strongman will attempt to haul aircraft (Photo: Youtube)

An Egyptian 'world champion' will pull an 84-tonne airplane with his teeth in a bid to encourage tourism.

Mohamed Shamshoun, who set a Guinness World Record for his previous antics, will haul a 120-foot long aircraft across the tarmac at Marsa Alam airport next month.

A statement from Egypt's tourism minister on Monday said the 10 October event aims at promoting tourism at the Red Sea resort of Marsa Alam to the international community.

Shamshoun – real name Mohamed Hassan – reportedly set a Guinness record in 1985 by pulling a chain of more than a dozen vehicles with his teeth.

Staging bizarre feats to promote Egyptian tourism is nothing new. Last summer, a 25 year old from the Nile Delta region achieved notoriety by announcing plans to fight a lion in front of Giza's Pyramids.

But while Shamshoun has been given full government backing, El-Sayed El-Essawy found himself hounded by the Ministry of Tourism and animal rights activists.

Despite buying a lion and undergoing intense training for the face-off, El-Essawy eventually caved in to public pressure and abandoned the match.

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