EgyptAir suspends flights to Syria, again

Ahram Online, Sunday 16 Dec 2012

Egypt's airline suspends its daily flights to Damascus and Aleppo as security risks rise

Violence and tensions in Syria forces EgyptAir to stop its flights temporarily (Photo: Reuters)

Airport officials confirm that EgyptAir flights to Syria have come to a halt Saturday.

This is the second day that flights to Damascus and Aleppo are cancelled this month due to the deteriorating security conditions in Syria.

Airline officials claim that the suspension came after reports indicated that the safety conditions in the Aleppo and Damascus airport perimitres are gradually worsening and that EgyptAir withdrew their field services personnel from Damascus.

EgyptAir's local office in Aleppo, however, is still fully operating.

The Egyptian embassy had evacuated the last group of Egyptian citizens based in the capital Damascus through Lebanon on Thursday.

The star alliance member runs two daily flights regularly to Damascus and one daily flight to Aleppo.

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