Greece: Farmers to start highway blockades

AP, Monday 11 Feb 2013

Framing associations in Greece, protest austerity measure by blocking highways

Farming associations say they will launch a protest campaign across Greece, blocking highways for an hour each day, to express their opposition to new tax hikes imposed under the country's austerity measures.

The roadblocks, planned mostly in central and northern Greece, are due to start Monday at 2:00 p.m. (1200GMT).

The farmers are angry at a decision by Greece's conservative-led government to scrap tax breaks on farming incomes and on gasoline for farm vehicles. They are also protesting against the serious delays in subsidy payments.

The austerity measures, introduced this year and the country battles a sixth year of unemployment, are part of measures imposed in exchange for ongoing rescue loans from the other members of the eurozone and International Monetary Fund.

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