Siemens will support development of Egypt's railways

Mohamed Watany, Wednesday 13 Feb 2013

Siemens Egypt plans to overhaul Egypt's outdated railway system and contribute to other sectors, once the political situation stabilises

Siemens Egypt plans to partner with the Egyptian government to update Egypt's crumbling railway network, Mohamed El-Mahdy, chairman of Siemens Egypt, told reporters on Tuesday.

According to El-Mahdy, the company plans to update the current railway tracks but is waiting for greater stability before acting.

"We are waiting for the political situation in Egypt to stabilise, to pump more investment into the energy, healthcare, and industry sectors," he said.

Siemens has been contributing to the development of Egypt for more than a century, and is currently aiming to partner with the Egyptian government to overcome the challenges it is facing, El-Mahdy said. 

He said that he considers the localising of technology in Egypt to be one of the current priorities of Siemens Egypt, and explained that several projects have been successfully completed to fulfill this goal, including the construction of a turbine maintenance station administered by 40 highly-qualified Egyptian engineers, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Siemens Egypt has had a legacy of promoting research in partnership with Egyptian universities, and although this has declined slightly due to ongoing events, the company said that it plans to boost research in the upcoming period.

The company also announced the launch of a journalism award for articles related to the topics of energy and the sciences. 

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