Egypt's Internet boom requires cyberspace safety: NTRA

Mohamed Watany , Wednesday 13 Feb 2013

Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) appoints new vice president for cyberspace security

Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has appointed Sherif Hesham on Tuesday as new vice president with the mandate of monitoring Egypt's booming cyberspace.

"Internet usage is increasing year by year in Egypt; thus, my position has become of utmost importance," said newly-appointed Sherif Hesham, NTRA's vice president for cyberspace security.

The increase in Internet users means a higher possibility of cybercrimes. For this reason, vital information is at a higher risk of being breached, especially now that the government is currently depending on the Internet to provide online services to individuals and institutions alike, explained Hesham.

"My main goal is to secure government telecommunications and technology infrastructure, creating a better environment for growth in the field Egypt will most certainly depend on in the future," asserted Hesham.

NTRA's newly-appointed vice president said the government will cooperate with Egyptian companies working in the sector of Information Technology (IT) to provide better online services to the public.

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