Egypt internet services disrupted by cable damage

Ahram Online, Mohamed Watany, Wednesday 27 Mar 2013

Damage to cable in Mediterranean Sea could disrupt internet services in Egypt by almost 50% on Wednesday, says Link Dot Net boss

(Photo: AO)

Internet services in Egypt have been disrupted by damage to an undersea cable, Link Dot Net boss Waseem Arsani has told Ahram Online.

"The technical damage could disrupt Egypt's internet services by almost 50 percent," Arsani added.

Internet services will gradually recover during the afternoon and be back to normal by the end of the day, a source at Telecom Egypt has told state news agency MENA.

Submarine cable operator SEACOM has confirmed the SMW4 cable was damaged off the coast of Egypt.

"SEACOM is currently in the process of prioritising and reallocating already available capacity for customers and sourcing further capacity to re-establish a full service," SEACOM said in a statement.

Egyptian internet users reported connection difficulties or slow broadband speeds on Wednesday morning.

Internet services were disrupted nationwide on Friday due to damage to international undersea cables but the service was back to normal by Sunday.

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