New list of frozen assets hits Ahmed Nazif and other former officials

Mena, Tuesday 8 Mar 2011

The stock market assets of the ex-prime minister, the former Minister of Finance and other officials and businessmen were frozen today

The Stock Market received a new list from the Prosecutor General with names of 23 persons banned from travelling or trading their assets. A statement from Egypt's Bourse announced that the list contains names of former ministers, businessmen and their families.

"The freezing of assets doesn't include other shareholders' stakes in the companies", said the statement.

The list of names inludes some eminent businessmen, their wives and children, amongst them Mohamed Magdi Rassekh, brother in law of Alaa Mubarak, Mahmoud Yehya Ali El-Gammal, father in law of Gamal Mubarak; Mohamed Aboul-Enein, businessman and parliament member; and the owners of listed companies, Safwan Sabet, owner of Juhayna food company and Mounir Ghabour.

The former prime minister Ahmed Nazif and the former minister of finance Youssef Boutros Ghali were also named on the list.

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