CBC owner travel ban confirmed after Morsi accusations

Ahram Online, Thursday 27 Jun 2013

The owner of Egyptian private satellite channel CBC, accused of tax evasion by President Morsi in Wednesday's public address, is banned from travel

CBC owner
Egyptian businessman Mohamed El Amin (Photo: Ahram)

Egyptian businessman Mohamed El-Amin has told TV presenter Khairy Ramadan that he has been banned from travel on charges related to tax evasion.

The owner of private Egyptian satellite channel CBC broke the news in a live phone in on Ramadan's CBC show Wednesday night, after President Mohamed Morsi accused him of tax evasion in his speech to the nation.

A judicial source told Ahram Online that the prosecutor general has confirmed the travel ban, and that El-Amin owed the state LE427 million.

In a nearly three hour-long public address earlier Wednesday night, President Morsi accused both El-Amin and Dream satellite channel owner Ahmed Bahgat of using their channels to attack him, because they owed the state money.

The president claimed that Bahgat owed LE3 billion to local banks.

Regarding freedom of speech, the president said that he allowed the media to air whatever they chose freely, even overlooking what he referred to as violations.

Egypt's CBC channel is known for airing some of the most popular shows on Egyptian television, including El Bernameg, hosted by satirist Bassem Youssef , a prominent critic of Morsi's regime.

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