State committee seizes 5 new alleged Muslim Brotherhood affiliated NGOs

El-Sayed Gamal El-Deen, Thursday 27 Mar 2014

Egypt's government seizes the funds of more Brotherhood organisations and reconsider its decision concerning other NGO's and schools

Muslim Brotherhood headquarter
Egyptian protesters attack the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in the Muqattam district in Cairo, Monday, July 1, 2013 (Photo: AP)

A committee tasked with appraising and freezing the funds of the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to seize the funds of 5 NGO's allegedly affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The committee said inquiries showed that members of the designed NGO's are Muslim Brotherhood members and that those NGO's finance the Brotherhood's activities.

Meanwhile, the committee decided to cancel its previous decision of seizing the funds of 3 schools as well as 5 other NGO's.

On March 12, the committee had decided to transfer the management of 22 of the group's NGOs to a government ministry.

More than 1000 NGO Brotherhood organisations were appropriated by the governmentall and are currently managed by the solidarity ministry.

A September court ruling banned all activities of the Brotherhood, from which ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi hails, and ordered the confiscation of the group's assets through a designated committee.

In December, 2013 Egypt's interim authorities designated the Brotherhood a terrorist organisation and froze the assets of its Guidance Bureau and all affiliated NGOs.

By early 2014, the government had seized the assets of 710 Brotherhood members, including cars and agricultural land, as well as privately owned shares in listed companies.

Dozens of schools proven to be linked to Morsi's group were also appropriated.

Hundreds of Brotherhood members and the group's top leadership have been arrested by authorities since Morsi's ouster and placed on trial for a variety of charges.

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