'blinx': The first 'media hub' of its kind - From Dubai to the entire Arab world

Saturday 11 Mar 2023

With amazing technologies, the Dubai-based digital media hub, “blinx”, was unveiled.



“blinx”, the first "media hub" of its kind in the Middle East, targets Gen Z and Millennials in the region with the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

The general manager of the project, NakhleAl-Haj, is a media executive with accumulated experience. He worked in many of the most prominent media outlets, entertainment, and news, in the Middle East.

Inside “blinx” Studios in Dubai, which is inspired by nature and technology, NakhleAl-Haj says: " We consider the cultural diversity in our editorial line. We have number of Egyptian expertise present in Dubai in the fields of editing, creativity and photography."

Al-Haj continues: "blinx from youth to youth, and soon will be launched through platforms and smart screens.”

Through the slogan "More Stories, Less Noise", “blinx” developers are trying to develop an innovative approach to storytelling. “blinx” aims to be the main destination for empowering young people and supporting their aspirations in pursuit of goals.”

“blinx” is equipped with world’s latest technologies to simulate Metaverse. “blinx” sets a precedent in providing news stories in the region. The control rooms also equipped with the latest live production tools, including those enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze videos and data and enrich the content.

“blinx’ Creative Director Fadi Rady tries to highlight the huge technological development of “blinx”: “we provide innovative experiences for users. We are trying to create an integrated media production system that enables our audience to obtain what they need, at any time and “on-demand”.

In addition to their diverse backgrounds and diverse multi-national origins, “blinx” staff adopt an inclusive approach. This includes diverse experiences, and multiple cultural legacies.

“An inspiring and motivating atmosphere that enriches life with innovation, creativity and diversity is our goal”, Ruba Ibrahim, “blinx” COO says, about her vision for the first “media hub” in the region, adding: “blinx seeks to be a cornerstone In the youth community, by keeping pace with their aspirations, concerns, and dreams, supporting their issues, and following up on files that concern them.”

“blinx” adheres to an approach based on accuracy, credibility, trust and respect for the target audience intelligence and time, away from fake news and false and misleading information.

“blinx” contributes to the discovery of Arabtalents and competencies, throughout the entire region.

“blinx” media hubalso seeks to promote and reward talents, in light of training and empowering a new generation of creative content creators, media professionals, storytellers, and others.

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