From Cairo to the Continent: Egypt's Impactful Journey with Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Initiative

Ahram Online , Sunday 14 Jan 2024

The ABH 2023 awarding ceremony at Kigali Convention Centre.
L-R: ABH Grand Finale Judge Ibukun Awosika, Founder of The Chair Centre Group ABH 2023 Second Prize Winner Thomas Njeru, CEO and Co-Founder of Pula Advisors Limited (Kenya) ABH Grand Finale Judge Joe Tsai, Chairman of Alibaba Group ABH 2023 First Prize Winner Dr. Ikpeme Neto, CEO and Founder of Wellahealth Technologies (Nigeria) ABH 2023 Third Prize Winner Ayman Bazaraa, CEO and Co-Founder of Sprints (Egypt) ABH Grand Finale Judge Dr. Diane Karusisi, CEO of Bank of Kigali, during the ABH 2023 awarding ceremony at Kigali Convention Centre.

Egypt's entrepreneurial spirit takes center stage once again as the Africa's Business Heroes (ABH) initiative, sponsored by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Philanthropy, concludes its fifth edition. Celebrating the ingenuity, resilience, and passion of African entrepreneurs, Egypt stands out as a key player in this pan-African initiative that recognizes and empowers visionary leaders.

In the illustrious history of ABH, Egypt follows Nigeria as the country with the second-largest number of finalists benefiting from the grant, boasting a total of seven outstanding entrepreneurs by 2023. This significant representation emphasizes Egypt's remarkable presence and its consistent contributions to the success of the ABH initiative.

Noteworthy Egyptian Entrepreneurs Making Waves:

  1. Mr. Ayman Bazaraa, CEO and Co-Founder, Sprints ( – ABH 2023 3RD Prize winner
  2. Mohamed Ali, CEO and Founder of iLock – ABH 2023 Top 10 finalist
  3. Nadia Gamal El Din, Founder and CEO of Rahet Bally – ABH 2022 Third Place Winner
  4. Ms. Amena Elsaie, Co-Founder of Helm Consulting – ABH 2022 Top 10 finalist
  5. Khadija Mohamed Elbedweihy, Founder, – ABH 2021 First Place Winner
  6. Dr. Omar Sakr, Founder and CEO, Nawah-Scientific – ABH 2019 Second Place winner
  7. Waleed Abd El Rahman, CEO, Mumm – ABH 2019 Top 10 finalist

These entrepreneurs have not only showcased Egypt’s entrepreneurial prowess but have also become integral to the broader success of the ABH Initiative in Africa since 2019.

Egypt's Impressive Winnings: Egypt has secured a total of USD $1,065,000 in winnings, equivalent to over 32.9 million Egyptian pounds, from ABH over the past five years. This, coupled with the training, networking opportunities, and other initiative benefits, solidifies Egypt's status as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial excellence on the African continent.

A Call to Action for Egyptian Entrepreneurs: As Egypt continues to reap the benefits of the ABH initiative, aspiring entrepreneurs, founders, and co-founders across the nation are urged to stay tuned for updates on the 2024 edition. The call to action is clear – seize the opportunity, apply, and join the ranks of visionary leaders contributing not only to the growth and prosperity of Egypt but also to the broader success of the African continent. To participate in the ABH 2024 edition, registration will open in the third week of January and can be accessed at:

Egypt's Ongoing Opportunity: Egypt is among the key countries that have reaped significant rewards from the ABH initiative, and this opportunity is set to continue for another five years. Entrepreneurs in Egypt are encouraged not to miss out on this year's and upcoming editions, ensuring that they contribute to the legacy of success and innovation that ABH continues to foster.

Embark on a Transformative Journey: Visit the official ABH website at for updates on the 2024 edition and valuable insights into the initiative's numerous benefits. Entrepreneurs across Egypt, this is your chance to dream ambitiously, embark on bold ventures, and be part of a transformative journey that transcends borders and celebrates the diversity of African entrepreneurship. Stay inspired. Stay tuned. Dream big. Venture boldly in Egypt.

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