Telecom Egypt, Huawei complete Africa's first 50G PON trial

Doaa A.Moneim , Monday 26 Feb 2024

Telecom Egypt, in partnership with Chinese technology company Huawei, has successfully completed Africa's first 50G passive optical network (PON) trial, according to a press release issued on Monday.

CEO of Telecom Egypt, Mohamed Nasr (L) and CEO of Huawei Egypt, Jim Liu (R)


The 50G PON delivers broadband to consumers and businesses with speeds of up to 50 Gbps/s.

The trial successfully demonstrated that Huawei's 50G PON prototype fulfills the standard requirements for upload and download rates and validated the management capabilities of the network’s terminals.

The press release claimed that the technology can be seamlessly integrated with existing fibre networks, eliminating the need for new infrastructure.

The new service is meant to accommodate the increasing demands that come with the rise of services like ultra-high definition (UHD) video, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and industrial digitization, according to the press release. 

They also pointed out that governments can use this technology to deliver digital services such as e-learning, e-healthcare, and e-government.

The press release claimed that the trial helps to lay the foundation for future large-scale deployment of the technology and demonstrates both companies’ commitment to innovation.

"Our commitment is to consistently provide our customers with the best fiber optic solutions while leveraging our existing networks. Adopting technologies that enhance performance is of paramount importance to us”, said Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt.

He added that the deployment of 50G PON is a key element of Telecom Egypt's strategy to upgrade network infrastructure and establish a more adaptable broadband foundation. 

“It will also help us maintain our leadership position in Africa,” he added. 

He concluded by calling Huawei a “trusted collaborator.”

Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, called Telecom Egypt “a leading and innovative operator in Africa.”

He emphasized his company’s commitment to developing tech infrastructure to meet the growing broadband demand in Egypt.

This commitment not only improves the quality of services for consumers and businesses but also aligns seamlessly with Egypt's digital transformation strategy, according to Liu

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