Egypt’s presidential healthcare initiatives a success: Bayer’s government relations manager

Doaa A.Moneim , Wednesday 2 Nov 2022

The presidential initiatives that focus on healthcare have achieved unprecedented success, benefiting over 86 million citizens, said the manager of government relations and pharma economics at Bayer, Iman Abdel-Galil.



Abdel-Galil made her comments during her participation in the third edition of Al-Ahram Establishment’s pharmaceutical conference held over two days and concluded on Monday.

“The achievements of the initiatives is a pride for all Egyptians, especially the 100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative and the COVID-19 pandemic-related ones,” she noted.

“At Bayer we are closely following up on the positive improvements Egypt has been making, especially in the healthcare sector, and we hope Egypt will become a leading country in this area, particularly under its Egypt's Vision 2030 and the application of the Universal Healthcare Insurance System (UHIS), which is a great plan that targets covering all Egyptians with proper healthcare services,” according to Abdel-Galil.

She also asserted the vital role the public-private-partnerships model is playing under these initiatives.

Abdel-Galil noted that the partnership between Bayer and Egypt’s Ministry of Health reflects the importance of the concerted efforts between the public and private sectors for a better future and health for all Egyptians.

This partnership, she added, is based on a number of key factors, such as enhancing the healthcare system capabilities, supporting continuous learning, building efficiencies and developing the skills of medical staffs, and raising awareness about the importance of early detection of diseases.

She noted that the partnership also centres on ensuring the continuity of providing oral treatment for liver cancer patients all over the country, which comes in line with Bayer’s vision on sustainable development and boosting the objectives of the 100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative and Egypt's Vision 2030.

“Moreover, Egypt’s Ministry of Health announced that it has examined 111,000 patients, so far, under this partnership, while over 1,700 liver cancer patients have received oral treatments. We are very optimistic in this regard. The state has launched the presidential initiatives as a national agenda that mirror its long-term strategy that aims to attain the sustainable development goals in all sectors, especially the healthcare sector,” Abdel-Galil stressed.

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