Iran's gas exports to Turkey hit new record

Ahram online, Saturday 25 Dec 2010

Iranian gas exports to Turkey rose by 1.5 million cubic meter

Iran gas
Iran Gas exports to turkey hits new peak, rising by 1.5 billion cubic meter. (photo: Reuters)

Iran gas exports to Turkey rose to a new record due to the increasing demand on cold weather.

Iran was exporting about 30 million cubic meter of gas to turkey daily, but " These exports reached in the last days 31.5 million cubic meter" said Jawad Owji, the managing director of National Iranian Gas Company NIGC ., according to Reuters.

"We are willing to increase our exports to turkey by 10-15 million cubic meters, because of the extreme cold that swept Europe" Jawad commented.

 Iran owns about 26 per cent of the world's reserves of gas, and the second largest gas exporter after Russia to turkey, as it provides Turkey with 10 million cubic meter annually, according to Jawad.

In additionto Turkey, Iran exports gas to Armenia and plans to export to Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

 The United States and EU economic sanctions on Iran stood as an obstacle to Foreign investments in Iran, to develop its petrochemical industries.

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