Egypt to establish new solar energy station in Aswan with 500 MW capacity

Aya Salah , Tuesday 25 Apr 2023

Aswan’s governor Ashraf Attia confirmed on Tuesday that the current period will witness the beginning of the implementation of a new solar energy station in Africa with a capacity of 500 MW, located in Fares village of Kom Ombo centre in Aswan.

File photo:Engineers walk next to solar panels at Benban Solar Park, one of the world s largest solar power plant in the world, in Aswan, Egypt, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022. AP


Located on an area of 10,000 m2, the station is being implemented over 18 months. It is to begin pumping its production into the unified national electricity grid in September 2024, Attia explained. 


The new Fares solar energy project will provide around 2,000 job opportunities during the construction period, which is in line with the coordination between the authorities to ensure the success of the solar power station implementation process, Attia added. 


In 2018, Egypt built the Benban solar power park with a 1.8 GW total capacity, and it’s now one of the largest solar power parks in the world.


The Benban solar park's 34 solar power plants under construction have a capacity of 50 MW each and generate 3.8 TWh of power per year, equivalent to 90 percent of the electric power generated by the Aswan High Dam, and all from the energy harnessed from the sun.

Since 2014, the Egyptian government has been working to expand renewable energy sources to ensure energy security. It has thus partnered with development banks to attract private investments in the renewable energy sector.

Under its Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy, Egypt aims to increase the supply of electricity generated from renewable sources to 42 percent by 2035.

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