Programme: Of People and Heritage Festival

Ahram Online , Monday 10 Oct 2016

A unique festival that puts ordinary people and their tangible heritage in five different Egyptian cities in perspective

people and heritage

The Ministry of Antiquities, Swedish Institute of Alexandria, and the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute will jointly host a unique festival "People and Heritage" that puts people and their tangible heritage in one proper sentence.

The festival will run from 13-15 October in 5 governorates at the same time:

Cairo Al-AtharLina, Cairo runners, Cluster, Cairo Urban sketchers, Heliopolis Heritage institute, Cairo Runners

Alexandria : Save Alex, Description of Alexandria,

PortSaid: Ala Adimo,

Menya: Malawi's cultural Saloon  

Mansoura:Save Mansoura

The program varies from walks, sketching contests, cycling tours, and concerts set in historic locations with an aim to bridge the gap between our architectural gems and our daily lives.

We highly recommend.

Below is the program of all cities.



Friday 14 October 2016

A-  Heliopolis organized by Heliopolis Heritage institute:


7-10 Am    a tour of Ancient district of Heliopolis by Cairo Runners.


10AM- 1PM A walk in the historic houses of Heliopolis 


7 – 10 PM The closing ceremony of free sketching contest as well as a concert at Al-Baron Palace


B-   Al-Khalifa district  by Al-Athar Lina initiative

Friday October 14, 2016

1:30- 5:00 pm - Meeting point: al-SayyidaNafisa Square (

Al-Kritliyya in al-Khalifa: Interactive tour for families linking Khalifa’s landmarks to the Gayer Anderson Museum in the Historic houses of al-Kritliyya and Amina b. Salim. Participants and their children will compete to find, photograph and sketch items related to Khalifa landmarks such as al-Sayyida Nafisa Shrine, Khalifa’s copper workshops, the domes of al-Ashraf Khalil and Shajar al-Durr and the house of Sakna Pasha. 
Number of participants limited to 30 - please register here:

7:00 – 9:00 pm – Meeting point: Shajar al-Durr Dome

Screening of the 1961 film WaIslamah (dir. Enrico Bomba& Andrew Marton) on the Dome of Shajar al-Durr. Do not miss this one in a lifetime chance to sit around the dome of Shajar al-Durr, recently restored by Athar Lina, and watch her story screened on the walls of the dome.

Downtown by Cluster initiative for heritage, Cairo urban Sketchers

9 AM-5PM sketching with Cairo urban sketchers in downtown


Saturday 15 October 2016

A-  Heliopolis: by Heliopolis heritage


10 am to 10 pm  A walking tour in ancient districts of Heliopolis


B-  Al khalifa district :

 Saturday October 15, 2016

1:00 – 3:00 pm - Meeting point: al-SayyidaNafisa Square (

Guided Tour: Al-Khalifa’s Saints. A tailored tour only offered by Athar Lina taking you through the back streets of al-Sayyida Nafisa Cemetery and al-Khalifa Street while weaving the myths and histories of the descendants of the Prophet (Al al-Bayt) as recounted in history books and by the community. 
Number of participants limited to 30 - please register here:

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm - Meeting point: Darb al-Husr Sports Centre (

Darb al-Husr Activities: Street football games and sport activities organised by NAFAS in addition to an interactive craft exhibition in which you get to make your own piece of hand-worked wood and leather – organised by Khalifa Exchange in collaboration with Khalifa’s craft community. Darb al-Husr Sports Centre is a former dumping ground recently rehabilitated for sports by Cairo Governorate with technical support from Athar Lina.

5:30 – 6:30 pm - Meeting point: Darb al-Husr Sports Centre (
Oscar March: Follow the marching band through Darb al-Husr to al-Baqli Street down to Shajar al-Durr Mausoleum. 
Don’t be late – we move at 5:30 sharp.

6:30 – 9:00 pm - Megawra al-Khalifa (
Megawra Season opening and launch of Egypt Heritage Network: Sketches of Cairo – lecture and exhibition opening presenting the output of a collaboration between Cairo Urban Sketchers with 3 initiatives, Athar Lina, Cluster and Heliopolis Heritage. 
For more information: (

All events are free of charge and in Arabic. 
Entrance fee to Gayer Anderson Museum not covered



Friday 14 October

10 am to 2:45pm free hand painting at Jankalis Studio

               2:45 pm to 3:15 coffee break

               3:15pm to 6pm  free hand painting on Fouad street

               6 pm to 8 pm : featuring independent movies on Alexandria's legacy at Jankalis Studio


               Saturday 15 October

              9- 12 noon free hand painting on Fouad street

              1:30pm to 5pm a walk with novelist Alaa Khaled

              5:30 pm to 6 Street performance and contemporary dance by HesHes clowns troupe

              6:30 pm to 7pm story telling performance on the heritage of Alexandria by Beit el hawadiet (House of stories) troupe

              7:30pm  to 9 pm  folk music by ibn el balad troupe



          Thursday 13 October

           5 pm to 5:45 pm The opening of the event with Awtar classic music troupe

           6 pm to 6:30pm Hawadeit theatre troupe

           6:30pm to 7pm featuring documentaries on the historical buildings of Mansoura

           7pm to 7:15pm Poetry recitation

           7:15pm to 8:30pm Mansoura for Folk music troupe


Menya :

Friday October 14

9 AM to 2 PM  a walking tour in the city of Malawi and visiting Malawi museum

5pm to 6:30 pm  A workshop on folk heritage with children

7:30pm  to 10 pm   A lecture on sports in ancient Egypt and the traditions that are still practiced till now


Saturday October 15

8 am to 2pm  A visit to Tuna El-Gabal ancient archeological site, an art performance, and some folk food

6pm to 10:30 The closing ceremony including the awards of the sketching contest, and performance by Malawi folk troupe



Thursday 13 October

5pm to 8:15 pm the opening of the new Cinema Rio

8:30 to 9:30 A performance by Mahatat troupe at Regent hotel in Al-Gomhoria street


Friday 14 October

2:30pm to 4:30pm Two tours of the city (Walks and cycling)

4:45pm to 9:30pm  New Cinema Rio in collaboration with Zawya

10:15 pm to 12 midnight A football match of Al-Tozza (the folk handmade football)

Saturday 15 October

7:30am  to 9:30am Marathon between the ancient buildings (The European district)

2 pm to 7 pm More films at New Cinema Rio

7:30pm to 10 pm A visit to Suez canal museum and a Semsemia concert in the garden of the museum






























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