Spend your day at Al-Khalifa street

Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Nov 2013

A day on Al-Khalifa street on 30 November organised by Al-Athar Lina project to promote ownership of local monuments

(Photo: Al-Athar Lina project)

'Spend your day at Al-Khalifa street' is the latest innovation of Al-Athar Lina project ('The monument is ours'), to be held 2-8pm on Saturday 30 November. The event promises a guided tour of Al-Khalifa's monuments (in the Sayeda Zeinab district), an exhibition, workshops, as well as a taste of home made Khalifa district food and an enchanting evening of story telling.


Al-Athar Lina is a participatory design project for monument-street buffer zones (safe zones surrounding monuments to ensure their preservation) in Al-Khalifa street, which runs between Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque and the Shrine of Al-Saida Nafisa. The project is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Antiquities and the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, to promote among local residents a sense of ownership regarding the monuments in their neighborhood.


The schedule

Activities will start from 2pm and include:

• Guided tours through Al-Khalifa’s monuments and traditional workshops

• A children’s treasure hunt game, in which they will map the interesting features of the street

• Maps to be placed at the entrances to the street to show visitors the highlights of Al-Khalifa and persuade them to visit

• Home made food prepared by the women of Al-Khalifa

• An exhibition on Al-Athar Lina Initiative and Al-Khalifa Street


At 7pm to celebrate the inauguration of the clinic:


A storytelling performance by Chirine El-Ansary, in which she will weave together the street’s history and the stories of its people in a performance written especially for Al-Khalifa.


The day is co-organised by Al-Khalifa citizen's committee and proceeds will go towards a fund for the improvement of the street, to be administered by the neighborhood committee.

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