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Ahram Online , Thursday 5 Mar 2015

I give my opinion..


أفتى معرفتى و راحتى ماعرفش

Afti Maarefti w rahti maarafshi

Translation: I give my opinion within the boundaries of my knowledge and my comfort is beside the point.

Meaning: I take responsibility for my words and my actions. I am not a double-faced, self-seeking person who will tell you what you want to hear simply because it would be more comfortable for both of us. I will speak the truth even if it is a bit disturbing. This
is a proclamation of honesty at a time when honesty is in short supply.

Source: ُEgyptian proverbs, (Al-Ahram Center For Translation and Publishing, 1986)  by Ahmed Taymour Pasha, 

Translated by: Nabil Shawkat



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