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Ahram Online , Wednesday 18 Mar 2015

He who raised (a child/an animal) is better than he who bought one.

he who raises


اللى ربّى خير م اللى اشترى.

   Elli rabba kheir melli eshtara.

Translation: He who raised (a child/ an animal ) is better than he who bought one.

Meaning: This saying dates back to the time ofslavery, where shoppers for human servants could choose between young slaves and older ones. A more benign implication is that it refers to animal husbandry, as farm-bred animals would be more suitable to the owner's needs than the ones he buys in the market. Egypt abolished slavery in 1877, but the saying survived for many decades afterwards. Its message is that patient tending to a pursuit is better than reckless shortcuts.

Translated by Nabil Shawkat

Source: Egyptian proverbs

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