Proverb of the day: The empty barrel rings the loudest البرميل الفارغ يرنّ

Ahram Online , Monday 4 Jan 2016

The empty barrel rings the loudest

Used oil barrels are collected on a lake side at the barrel market in Treichville, an area of Abidjan on February 12, 2015 (Reuters)
 البرميل الفارغ يرنّ
El barmil el faregh yerenn
Translation: The empty barrel rings the loudest.
Meaning: This proverb, not in common use, is about people who talk too much or speak loudly but rarely say anything useful. The connotation is that people who have substance think before they talk, and are quick to get to the point . 

Source: Egyptian Proverbs, (Al-Ahram Center for Translation and Publishing, 1986) by Ahmed Taymour Pasha

Translated by: Nabil Shawkat

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