Event: Sufism and Religious Dialogue

Ahram Online, Sunday 4 Mar 2012

Sufism - the inner, mystical dimension of Islam - under discussion at Cairo University on 26 March

Sufi Dance

A discussion of Sufism and interreligious dialogue will take place at Cairo University on Tuesday, 26 March.

Father Josibi Scatolini, professor of Islamic Sufism, and Zeinab Akhodiri, professor of Medieval Philosophy will take part in the discussion hosted by the Centre for Civilization Studies and Dialogue of Cultures.

Sufism is a mystical spiritual dimension of Islam. Ibn Arabi, Rumi and Al-Hallajj were significant Sufis.

The discussion comes at a time when Sufis in Egypt are delving into politics. The growing Salafist movement opposes Sufi teachings.   


Tuesday, 26 March, 5pm.

Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Sawiris Hall.

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