Hajj: Songs

National Folklore Archive, Tuesday 1 Nov 2011

Ritual songs which used to accompany the sending of the cover of the Kaaba from Egypt to Mecca

photo by Norhan Fawzi, National folklore Archive

The following are excerpts from Egyptian songs which used to be performed on the occasion of sending the mahmal (bearer of the ritual covering for the Kaaba) to Mecca.

Song 1:

What do we do, Ahmed

On the day of the departure of the mahmal?

The prophets bear witness

That you are the prophet of God

I never wanted to part with you

Ahmed, O messenger of God

Like a moon, you have departed

Let the night go on

Let me enjoy some more

Shepherding the stars


Song 2:

Let’s start by praising Mohamed

Prayers and peace upon him

He intercedes for his people

Saves them from the fire of hell

His face shines with beauty

He intercedes for his people

On the day of judgement

He takes care of babies from when they are born

When you see the Kaaba

When you see people dressed all in white

You will forget earth and everything on it

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