Lenhert and Landrock: Loving Egypt through antique photographs

Amira Noshokaty , Monday 9 Apr 2012

Postcards of the Past, Loving Egypt is the latest publication of the renowned Lenhert and Landrock, whose photographic gems are still in the lime light to-date


Dr Edouard Lambelet's latest publication by International Printing Housebrings 184 pages of pure magic: Postcards of the Past: Loving Egypt is a showcase of photographic gems by renowned Lenhert and Landrock, whose photos are no less than witnesses of the past century.

How Egyptians once lived, dressed and built in the early 20th century is indeed a marvel.

So buckle up and enjoy the unique ride to a century long gone.

1 - Soliman Pasha Square, downtown

To the right, is the Groppi Building erected in 1924. The Swiss Family Groppi opened their first restaurant in Cairo in 1909 (on Adly Street) then in 1925 they opened their second in Soliman Pasha Square. Photo taken 1948-1952.

2 - Tahrir Square

In 1948 the Egyptian government decided to centralise various governmental departments in one single vast building: the Tahrir Complex erected from 1948-1954.

Infront of it is a pedestal for a statue of King Farouk, but it was never erected since the revolution erupted in 1952. Photo taken 1954-1958

3 - Khan El-Khalili

In 1382 AD the initial bazaar was built by Amir Jarkas Al-Khalili

As the photo shows, little has changed since then. Photo taken 1922-1924.

4 - Philae before inundation

Lehnert and Landrock accquired some photos taken in the 1880's from Pascal Sebah, a renowned photographer that came to Egypt in 1873. It shows the temple of Phila in Aswan in its original setting before the construction of the old Aswan Dam. Photo taken 1880s

5 - Photo montage

This photo and the following one show that Lenhert and Landrock mastered the art of photo montage (editing) in 1930s. While one photo shows a car, a ship and a train all moving in one scene, the following photo shows the original photo of the empty road before editing. Photos taken 1930-1936.

6 - Inundation in Dahshur

A rare photo of the annual inundation of the Nile River; how a village turns into an island during the three months of summer. Dahshur is a village located in Giza governorate not so far from the Pyramid plateau. Photo taken 1930-1936.

7- Courthouse of Foreigners (Tribunal Mixte)

This building tucked between Champillion and Fouad Streets was once the courthouse for foreigners in Egypt, between 1875 and 1949. Since 1949 to date, it has become the High Court. Photo taken 1924-1930.


For more photos please visit our photo gallery, courtesy of Dr Edouard Lambele.

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