Heliopolis celebrates 116 years of beauty and grace

Amira Noshokaty , Saturday 3 Apr 2021

'We created the Heliopolis heritage tour in collaboration with the Classic Cruisers Initiative to tour zone A heritage sites in Heliopolis,' explained Shoukry Asmar

Heliopolis Celebrates

On Friday 2 April, classic cars in all their charm roamed the streets of the equally elegant streets of Heliopolis, tracing the heritage buildings of the 116-year-old district of Heliopolis.

Some joined the tour; others captured the event by sketching or through their lenses.

“We created the Heliopolis heritage tour in collaboration with the Classic Cruisers Initiative (CCI) to tour zone A heritage sites in Heliopolis,” explained Shoukry Asmar, head of the board of trustees of the Heliopolis Heritage Initiative to Ahram Online.

“We are using this tour as a promotion of the heritage sites of Heliopolis and also to announce the heritage photography and drawing contest we are launching in Ramadan, as well as the jogging and cycling tour we aim to launch in the historic streets of Heliopolis on 23 May, which marks the birthdate of Heliopolis,” added Shoukry.

With some 30 classic cars, where the oldest to participate in the tour was a Ford 1924, the tour was quite the charming experience. With heritage buildings in the background, the well-maintained classic cars set the ambience of the whole context and drove us back in time.


“This is the 20th round of the CCI,” explained Mahmoud Ezz El-Din, the official spokesperson of the CCI to Ahram Online.

“We are a group of collectors of vintage cars, and we take a ride once a month with our cars and enjoy it. Today, in our collaboration with the Heliopolis Heritage Initiative, we passed by the Korba area, as well as heritage buildings such as the villa of famous singer Laila Murad,” he explained.



During the cars’ last stop of the day, which was in an outdoor area near Cairo Airport, several cars were parked in display. There was the famous black Cadillac of late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, there was a 1958 red Volex Beatle with all it’s original accessories, even the cute little vase that was set next to the steering wheel.

But the real beauty of the collection was the 1953 yellow Studebaker. With all original accessories down to the original catalogue.

“This Studebaker 1953 is one of four in Egypt,” explained Tamer Laz, the owner of the car, adding that they stopped manufacturing this model since the sixties. “This 1953 design was awarded the most outstanding and beautiful design in all Studebaker,” he added.



Another interesting appearance was the 1957 Morgan, which drove by and joined the classic cars. “This is a 2014 Model,” explained Samih Adly, the owner of the car, adding that the English Motor Company decided to manufacture the old model with new technology.

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