VIDEO: Moulid El-Nabi dolls manufactured and decorated at Bab Al-Bahr

Amira Noshokaty , Friday 7 Oct 2022

At one of the oldest workshops in the area, Abdu Al Dahsuri has been crafting and decorating Moulid El-Nabi dolls for the past 35 years.

Moulid El-Nabi dolls manufacture
Abdu Al Dahsuri decorating Moulid El-Nabi dolls At one of the oldest workshops in Bab Al-Bahr, Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Amira Noshokaty


The Moulid sugar doll was the brain child of the Fatimids who ruled Egypt in 969 AD and are the first to celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary.

Such state celebrations included sugar dolls, sugar horses and other candy figurines, as well as a variety of traditional sweets.

Then comes the decoration phase: The big dark eyes and brows echo the ancient Egyptian tradition of using "Khul"(Traditional eye liner).

The vivid pink blusher on her cheeks is also an ancient Egyptian flair.

The veil, the dress with long and wide sleeves, the narrow waist line and generous, long ‘A’ shaped skirt, along with an excess of frills, are typical Fatimid costume.

As for the shimmering paper fans placed behind her head, these could be borrowed from the Khalifa’s fans that were part of the lavish lifestyle.


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