VIDEO: Sayeda Sakina's Moulid celebrated in Historic Cairo

Amira Noshokaty , Monday 2 Jan 2023

Sayeda Sakina's Moulid celebration was held on 21 December in her mausoleum at Al-Khalifa district in the heart of historic Cairo.

El Saida Sakina s Moulid celebration
Photo by amira noshokaty


Sayeda Sakina's Moulid was celebrated on 21 December in her mausoleum at Al-Khalifa district  -  in the heart of historic Cairo.

Sayeda Sakina (47-117 hijri / 667-735 AD) was named Amena at birth - after her paternal great-grandmother - the mother of the Prophet Muhammad. 

She was the daughter of Al-Hussein ibn Ali ibn Abi-Taleb, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Her mother, Rabab, was the daughter of famous Arab poet Emr'o Al-Qais.

Her mother nicknamed her Sakina (Serenity) because she was known for her eloquence, elegance and her pleasant disposition.

A literary figure, she was the first Muslim woman to host a cultural salon in the first hijri century in Al-Madina Al-Monawara.

She joined her aunt, Sayeda Zeinab, in her journey to Egypt and left after she died.

Moulids, whicgh are Sufi carnivals of more than 74 sects that have a deep historical root in Egypt, are annual festivals that celebrate the death anniversary of a spiritual figure, who is either a Walli (guardian of the faith) or a decendant of Prophet Muhammad who are also known as Ahl Al-Beit.

Historic Cairo contains many sufi mausolems especially in Al-Khalifa district.  

Sayeda Sakina's mausoleum is said to be a mausoleum born out of ro'ya - a dream vision.

The mosque itself dates from 1173 hijri (1759 AD) and was comissioned by Abdel-Rahman Katkhoda - a prominent government official at the time. 

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