VIDEO: Palestine from Cairo Series: Of Maps, Songs and Palestinian signature dishes

Amira Noshokaty , Wednesday 10 Jan 2024

In our series Palestine From Cairo, we share a unique evening focused on rare maps of Jerusalim, traditional songs and a taste of Palestinian signature dishs.



Last December concluded the Keep Heritage At Hand series initiated by Khazana School for Heritage on Palestinian heritage. The event that was held at Prince Taz palace was organized in collaboration withthe  House of Egyptian Architecture and The Palestinian Women Coalition in Cairo.

The evening kicked off by a talk lead by Amal Agha, head of Palestinian Women Coalition in Cairo, as she explained various elements of Palestinian traditions including food, stitches, and songs.

This was followed by a rich presentation by architect Ahmed Omar who focused on the urbanization of Jerusalem and shared rare maps and documents. Then the audience got to taste Palestinian traditional Maqlouba (Upside Down), a signature dish that was named by Saladin himself.

 The evening concluded on an enchanting note as the Palestinian Choir Abbad Al Shams (Sunflower) chanted the night away with heritage and Patriotic Palestinian Songs.

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