Brotherhood's party names FJP figure to head Parliament Upper House

Ahram Online, Sunday 26 Feb 2012

After sweeping votes in Shura Council elections, the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party decides on Sharqiya MP Ahmed Fahmy as candidate for the post of Upper House Speaker

ahmed fahmy
MP Ahmed Fahmy (Photo: Ikhwan Online)

Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), who swept the majority seats of the Upper House elections, has settled on nominating MP Ahmed Fahmy for the position of Speaker of Parliament's Upper House.

Fahmy, an Upper House MP from the governorate of Sharqiya , will be the successor of notorious Mubarak-regime figure Safwat El-Sherif, in the first post-Mubarak parliament elections.

The Freedom and Justice party has also appointed MP Ali Fath Al-Bab to head the parliamentary body of the FJP in the Upper House.

Islamist parties realized landslide electoral wins in the Shura Council elections held during February but with much lower voter turnouts than the People's Assembly elections which concluded in January.

According to reports announced on the Brotherhood's website Thursday, the total numbers of seats garnered by the FJP in the Shura Council elections reached 106 seats representing a majority of 59 per cent of the total seats in the council.

In that manner, the FJP and Salafist Nour Party, which came in second in total votes, together have secured more than four fifths of seats in the consultative upper house of parliament.

The Upper House's main tasks in the current transitional phase is to oversee, along with the People's Assembly, the process of drafting the country's new constitution.

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