Egyptian Bloc, Revolution Continues and El-Adl Party call on public to join Tahrir protests, but will participate in elections

Ahram Online , Sunday 27 Nov 2011

Two main electoral alliances and a liberal centrist party call for public support for a national salvation cabinet in Egypt

The Egyptian Bloc alliance, the Revolution Continues alliance, and El-Adl Party have called on the public to join the “revolutionary legitimacy” million man protest Sunday in Tahrir Square, and to support the formation of a national salvation cabinet composed of all political powers .

The alliances and centrist party added in a statement issued Sunday that the second wave of the Egyptian revolution took place because of the slowness of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Sharaf government in achieving the goals of the revolution, adding that the SCAF has ignored the demands of the Egyptian public. 

Nonetheless, the two alliances and centrist party see parliamentary elections as an important step towards democracy, and thus did not cancel their electoral campaigns for the parliamentary elections that will commence Monday. 

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