Re-live Ahram Online's coverage of Egypt's rigged 2010 election

Ahram Online, Thursday 15 Dec 2011

By 2 PM, in 2010's first day of parliamentary elections, deadly clashes, violent demonstrations, wide-scale rigging and mass arrests of opposition candidates had already been reported in more than 12 governorates

Elections 2010
Election poster from 2010 parliamentary elections shows former president Hosni Mubarak and former head of the governmental Trade Union Federation, Hussein Megawer. Both men are in detention charged with crimes against the people (File photo).

19:00: Polling stations officially close down.

18:55: The daily newspaper Al Shorouq currently appears to have its website down.

18:43: High Electoral Commission says elections results will be in Tuesday night/Wednesday morning due to high number of candidates.

18:25: A video allegedly showing electoral fraud in Sharqeya’s Belbes district is eliciting a virtual outcry on Egypt’s blogosphere.

18:15: 4 injuries reported in Esna in exchange of fire between Arab families and Bani Helal tribe

18:11: Police imposes curfew in Zaniqa18:05: Interior Ministry says “clashes are under control.”

18:00: Mustafar Bakry stages sit in at Maa’sara School in Helwan protesting the election violations.

17:50: Eyewitnesses: Clashes between NDP supporters and independent candidate supporters in Qus, Qena.

17:38: Around 500 supporters of NDP members not allowed to run for parliament are demonstrating in front of Damanhour Court.

17:25: Ikhwan Web claims journalist Aya Alfeqy was attacked by thugs who took her laptop and camera.

17:21: Fighting breaks out in Kerdasa between supporters of the two NDP candidates, Rashwan Al-Zomor and Ansar Khaled. An unconfirmed number have been injured and one vehicle was destroyed in the process.

17:11: Hussein Haggag, opposition candidate Diaa Rashwan's campaign manager in Armant, Wadi El-Molouk, , accuses the government of rigging the vote.

17:00: The Higher Electoral Commission has cancelled the electoral process in Balteem, Hamoul and Boroloss in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, following bloody clashes with the security forces.

16:52: Joe Stork, of Human Rights Watch, has just been released after being detained at police station in Alexandria.

16:50: Reports: the murder of a prep school student on the hands of thugs in Alexandria’s El-Raml district.

16:46: Administrative court suspends 9 election committees in Gharbeya.

16:41: Independent candidate Gameela Ismail accuses the government of vote rigging in Kasr El-Nil constituency.

16:37: State security agents reportedly abduct journalists Mohamed Gamal and Mohammed Saad from Zagazig district after confiscating their cameras.

16:35: Police armored vehicles have stormed Balteem, in Kafr El-Sheikh, firing tear gas and live ammunition into the air.

16:19: Seven death cases confirmed in elections-related events.

16:10: The Muslim Brotherhood says voting in Menya is calm, no clashes reported.

15:51: Hamdeen Sabbahy, of the Karama Party in Kafr El-Sheikh, threatens to withdraw from the electoral race, citing wide spread violations.

15:50: Tribal clashes in Sinai’s Sheikh Zuwayed see gun battle erupt between various supporters that leaves at least three injured. Early reports say Ibrahim Salama was killed during fighting.

15:40: Mahmoud Amer, MB candidate in 6 October City, announces his withdrawal from the elections due to wide-spread rigging.

15:38: Demonstrators at Suez chant against the president.

15:36: Violent clashes took place at several centres, with witnesses saying police fired tear gas at voters in the Nile Delta and in Qena, about 475 kilometres south of Cairo. (AFP)

15:32: Security forces attack Youm 7 cameraman and destroy his equipment in Suez.

15:10: Minor clashes in Helwan El-Balad between Bakri’s supporters and Meshaal’s, after the former went on protests accusing the authorities of rigging the vote.

15:09: Three Muslim Brotherhood candidates stage sit-in at police station in Menoufeya.

14:56: Reports indicate that a school in Suez is being burnt down as protesting continue to escalate.

14:50: Candidates running for seats in the Sharqiya Governorate are continuing their electoral campaign despite instructions by the High Electoral Commission that put the cut off line at midnight yesterday. Cars with huge microphones circled the governorate premises urging locals to vote for Mohamed Saleh, the NDP candidate.

14:46: Rights group accuse Faissal Police Station in Suez of using criminal thugs against opposition as clashes show no sign of abating.

14:38: Protesters have cut the International Road in Kafr El-Sheikh to protest electoral violations. Police fire tear gas and live ammunition in the air to disperse them. No casualties reported.

14:35: Head of the High Electoral Commission says election process is going smoothly, adding that nothing has happened to obstruct it.

14:32: Sayed Meshaal, NDP candidate and minister of military production, is now in Helwan, surrounded by hundreds of supporters.

14:29: Pope Shenouda has cast his vote, and so did the senior members of the clergy.

14:20: The Muslim Brotherhood will reportedly be demonstrating in Alexandria’s Abu Suleiman area.

14:19: Voting goes smoothly in Nasr City, east of Cairo. No clashes reported.

14:18: Reports coming in of security forces breaking into Kafr El-Sheikh polling station to manipulate ballots.

14:12 Brawling breaks out in Abdeen district between supporters of MB candidate Gamal Hanafi and Tagammu candidate Hussein Ashraf Amin.

13:58: Police fire tear gas at opposition supporters in Abu Sekkeen, Kafr El-Sheikh.

13:56: Citizen dies from heart attack as he casts his vote in Monoufeya.

13:50: Muslim Brotherhood launch blog to compensate for their blocked official website at

13:48: Shots fired outside of school in Monofeya’s Berket El Sabe’ district as MB supporters clash with NDP supporters.

13:44: 41 arrested in Kafr El Dawwar in clashes between candidates’ supporters.

13:42: Ahram Online reporter Yasmine Fathi has been released from police custody, after she was threatened and ordered to leave Shubra immediately.

13:34: Muslim Brotherhood candidate Akram El-Shaer in Port Said released after being held for half an hour by the police.

13:34: Qutb Hassanein, a member of the High Commission for the Monitoring of Egyptian Election has been detained in Alexandria’s Raml district.

13:33: Brotherhood candidate Sobhy Saleh in El-Raml, Alexandria, has been assaulted and hospitalized.

13:30: NDP Candidate Hesham Khalil pays 20 pounds per vote in Sayeda Zeinab, as witnessed by Ahram Online reporter.

13:28: Clashes between Gameela Ismail supporters and Hesham Khalil of the NDP.

13:24: Ahram Online reporter, Yasmine Fathi, has been detained in Shubra while covering the elections.

13:18: Independent candidate Refaat El-Basyouni stabbed in Daqahliya and moved to hospital.

13:14: Ramy Lakah (Wafd candidate) and Fady El-Habashi (NDP candidate) supporters clash together in Shubra with five injured so far.

13:10: The state’s National Council of Human Rights receives 40 complaints within two hours; Sharqia and Gharbeia governorates are on the top of the list.

13:08: Three MB representatives arrested in Kafr El Dawwar. Two have been identified as Ahmed Shaaban and Mohamed Abdel Aziz.

13:06: Women assaulted by in Hamoul, Kafr el-Sheikh, by thugs for giving their votes to Karama Party leader Hamdeen Sabbahy.

13:03: Ahmed El Barmawy, April 6 Movement member, reportedly arrested and severely beaten in El Mansoura while monitoring elections. He is currently being held at Mahalet Damana Police Station.

12:52: As votes get more expensive in Shubra, 400 people are lining to vote.

12:50: An Ahram Online reporter witnesses in Shubra, Wafd candidate Rami Lakah pays LE a 100 per vote.

12:45: Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) states that eight websites have been blocked in Egypt today.

12:42: Tagammu candidate in Qenna Hassani Othman accuses the elections committee heads of forging elections results and blocking voters from entering.

12:40: The son of an independent candidate in Egypt's parliamentary election was stabbed to death as he was putting up posters of his father in Cairo, medics and relatives said Sunday. (AFP).

12:32: Six supporters of NDP candidate in Alexandria’s Mina Al-Basal district are arrested after clashing with MB candidate supporters.

12:29: Reports of several injured among supporters of MB candidate in Mansoura

12:25: Demonstrations in Suez outside governorate premises continue to mount force, with some reports saying 4000 protesters are laying siege to the building

12:15: Youm 7 reporter Ahmed Said is reported to have been “abducted” while covering elections in Kafr El Sheikh.

12:10: Al Jazeera correspondents in Suez harassed and had their camera equipment destroyed.

12:06: Shops close down in Naga Hammadi, Qena, for fear of clashes

12:03: Thousands continue protesting in front of the Suez Security Directorate, while 350 independent candidates stage sit-in alleging mass vote rigging by the government.

12:00: NDP’s Safwat El-Sherif says government is keen on election fairness and confident about NDP candidates’ popularity.

11:57: In Helwan, Mostafa Bakri’s supporters and those of Sayed Meshaal, the minister of military production, are exchanging chants, but no clashes reported. Muslim Brotherhood supporters were banned from voting in several stations according to reports.

11:53: Reports throughout the morning suggest that polling stations in Menya have witnessed some of the calmest and smoothest elections so far.

11:50: Clashes in Ramses street between Gameela Ismail who claims forgery and poll station members.

11:46: The Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence documents 150 detentions, and one murder up till now.

11:43: Polling station at Salam Primary School transferred from Qasr El Nile district to Boulak El-Dakrour.

11:41: Hoda Sharqawy polling station in Dokki closed down. Wafd supporters try to break in.

11:38: More than 2000 members of opposition parties are protesting in Suez to stop elections.
protesters have submitted a memorandum president of the attic committee of elections to stop elections. Such reaction toke place after opposition party delegates were banned from entering the electoral commissions.

11:37: Clashes in Qena between NDP supporters and independent candidates’.

11:35: Changing locations of 16 headquarters in Damietta cause confusion.

11:34: State petroleum companies use their buses to ship oil workers to vote for Minister Sameh Fahmy in Nasr City, witnesses say.

11:33: Foreign correspondents have been blocked from entering polling stations in Arish, despite having a permit. They were told only NDP affiliated journalists allowed in.

11:29: Officials are turning voters for MB candidate Hazem Farouk away, Tarek Ibn Ziad school poll station El-Sahel constituency, Shubra.

11:28 In Qasr El-Nil, Independent candidate Gameela Ismail's banners torn down by NDP supporters.

11:26: Musheer El-Gendi, brother of an independent candidate in Mansoura, was shot earlier this morning while accompanying his brother to finalize election papers. No perpetrator has been caught as yet.

11:24: Clashes between the police and the supporters of independent candidate Khaled Abu Serei in Saft el-Laban. The polling station, Ahmad Shawqi School, has been shut down.

11:23: Independent candidate Mustafa Bakri’s representative in Helwan, Kamal Abdel Ghani says they were not allowed in the polling stations, while all NDP representatives were allowed by the police to enter. Central Security Forces trucks are parked near all schools in Helwan.

11:21 It seems access to the the Muslim Brotherhoods website, Ikhwanonline, is possible through the use of a VPN, meaning internet users outside of Egypt have access. This appears to contradict earlier reports that the site is down due to the large number of visitors this morning.

11:15 Independent candidate Gameela Ismail is using twitter to tell voters that she is listed on the ballot as number 14, not 17 -- something that appears to have caused some confusion since voting began this morning.

11:10 Worst election clashes are currently in Suez and Mahalla with mounting reports of beatings, gun fire and tear gas.11:07: NDP accuses BBC of spreading false rumours about election, saying the network is out to tarnish Egypt’s image.

11:05: Eyewitness in Alexandria claim to see meals being handed out to those voting for NDP candidate Salah Mohamed Maselhi.

10:59: Clashes escalate in Mahalla El Kobra as MB supporters demonstrate outside closed polling stations.

10:50: Editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s website, says site is down due to high number of visitors this morning, not government hacking.

10:44: Suez voters leave polling station and head to governorate premises to chant against security presence banning delegates from entering polling stations.

10:42: Thugs wielding chains clash with MB supporters outside a school in Mansoura.

10:30: Elections see violence at Gharbeya Governorate as NDP and MB supporters clash.

10:28: Clashes around Shohadaa Badr School in Mahalla. Independent candidates manage to break into the school and force their monitors in.

10:18: Police assaults journalist in Hamoul, breaks his camera.

10:15: Reports of police using tear gas to disperse MB supporters in Samanoud.

10:13: Demonstrations continue in Suez, protesters lay siege to the Security Directorate.

10:11: The Muslim Brotherhood’s official Arabic site has been taken down. Group accuses government.

10:10: Demonstrations in Mahalla against vote rigging around Shohadaa Badr School in Mahalla.

10:08: Around 1500 are demonstrating in Suez against banning the delegates from entering the polling station.

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