Live updates: Islamists look strong in preliminary election results

Ahram Online , Wednesday 30 Nov 2011

Updated coverage of preliminary first round results in Egypt’s first post-Mubarak election

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Women walk beside an election poster by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood "The Freedom and Justice Party'"

16:35 Final polling results for the city of Port Said have revealed a victory for the FJP's Akram El-Shaer for the professionals' seat. El-Shaer was competing against the Kefaya protest movement's George Ishak.

There will be a run-off vote between veteran Tagammu Party member El-Badry Farghaly of the liberal-oriented Egypian Bloc and the Salafist Nour Party's Ali Fouda for the workers' seat.

For the proportional party (or party-coalition) lists, the FJP's list came in first, followed by the Nour Party and the centrist-Islamist Wasat Party lists, giving Islamists 100 per cent of these seats in the coastal city.

16:27 There will be a run-off Rerun in the Red Sea between the FJP's Mohamed Katamish and independent candidate Sami Haraas for the constituency's professional seat.

16:02 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has declared that vote counting in Cairo’s first constituency has resumed after the tensions we reported at 13:20 brought proceedings to a halt. The first Cairo constituency includes El-Sahel, Shubra and El-Zawya. The counting has resumed amidst a large military presence at the station. The FJP expressed their fear that judges appointed by the former regime were seeking to stall the vote-counting process. The SCAF and electoral commission declared that they had intervened to ensure that the votes of over two million citizens would not go to waste. 

15:20 Final results for the first constituency of Assiut mean there will be a run-off between the FJP's Sameer Khashaba and Mahmoud Abu Leefa of the Egyptian Bloc for the professional seat. Run-offs will also be staged between Ismael Bayoumy of the Al-Nour Party and independent candidate Mohamed Hamdy for the constituency's worker seat.

14:55 Votes will be recounted at two polling stations in Luxor after it was discovered an electoral commission employee was miscounting votes in favour of Khaled Abdel-Moneim, the FJP’s candidate for an individual seat.

14:54 In Kafr El-Sheikh’s first constituency the Salafist Nour Party’s Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour is leading in the individual professionals’ seat contest. For the workers’ seat, the Nour Party’s Mohamed Abdel Megeed is leading. In the second constituency the Nour Party is leading in the candidate list contest, followed by the FJP and the liberal Wafd. For the individual seat, the FJP’s Mohamed Amer is leading.

14:50 The head of Egypt’s Supreme Electoral Commission ‎announced to Egyptian public television that final results of the first round of ‎parliamentary polling would be announced Thursday ‎evening. ‎

14:00 Ayman Nour says on Twitter that the Ghad Al-Thawra Party’s Abd El-Moneim El-Tonsi has won a seat in Assiut’s first district from fourth position on the FJP’s electoral list.

13:54 Supreme Electoral Commission member Alaa Qutb says the commission has received results from Kafr El-Sheikh, the Red Sea and several parts of Cairo, but final results will not be declared until the commission receives all the ballots from outside Egypt. Results from Kuwait are yet to reach the commission. 

13:50 With most votes counted in Port Said the FJP’s Akram El-Saher is on course to beat the independent George Ishak, a founder of the Kefaya movement, for the professionals' seat. The Egyptian Bloc’s El-Badry Farghaly is leading the race for the workers’ seat.

13:20 The head of the judicial vote-counting committee in Cairo’s first electoral constituency has decided to end the vote counting process because it was taking place in an unsafe atmosphere. Verbal clashes between the judicial committee and candidates’ representatives had taken place before Judge Moutaz Khafagy took his decision to cancel the tally. Military sources said they tried to convince the judge to proceed after increasing security measures but he refused. It is unclear whether the Supreme Electoral Commission will consider the election in this constituency void.

13:00 Final results from Assiut governorate's second constituency show there will be a runoff between Salah Ragab of the Salafist Nour Party and the FJP's Mohamed Salama Bakr for the professionals’ seat. There will also be a runoff between Mohamed Moussa of the FJP and the independent Hamada Zein for the workers’ seat.

12:56: Indicators show the Egyptian Bloc list is leading in Luxor, followed by the Freedom and Justice Party list and the Freedom Party list.

12:35 Head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed Morsi says that the parliament’s majority will appoint the new government and that it will be a coalition government.

12:30 Cabinet: All Egyptian embassies that have conducted the first round of elections have already sent the voting ballots to the foreign ministry and the ministry has sent the results to the Supreme Electoral Commission.

12:25 In Assiut’s first constituency the FJP’s Samir Khashaba leads in the professionals’ individual seat, followed by the Egyptian Bloc’s Mahmoud Abu Lifa. Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya’s Bayoumy Ismail and former NDP member Ali Mohamed Hamdi are competing for the workers’ individual seat. These results are after 250 of 1014 ballot boxes had been counted.

In Assiut’s second constituency the FJP’s Mohamed Salama Bakr leads in the professionals’ individual seat. There is fierce competition between the FJP’s Mohamed Moder Mousa and the independent Hamada Zein Qorashy Ali for the workers’ individual seat. These results are after 80 of 1590 ballot boxes had been counted.

In Assiut’s third constituency the FJP’s Abd El-Aziz Khalaf is competing with the Salafist Nour Party’s Mahmoud El-Damour and the independent Othman Ibrahim Taha for the professionals’ individual seat. The FJP’s Abdallah Sadeq, the Salafist Nour Party’s Ahmed Hussein Ahmed and the independent Gamal Abd El-Baset Abd El-Hamid are competing for the workers’ seat. These results are after 350 of 574 ballot boxes had been counted.

In Assiut’s fourth constituency the independent Amir lamy, the FJP’s Hassan Abd El-Aal and former NDP member Mohamed Omar Ali Rashwan are competing for the professionals’ individual seat. The Salafist Nour Party’s Sheikh Amer Abd El-Reheem, the independent Nefeesa Abd El-Aziz and former NDP member Ahmed Saad Abu Aqrab are competing for the workers’ individual seat.

12:15 Diaa Rashwan, an expert on Islamic movements and head of the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, expects Islamists, including the FJP, Salafists and Al-Jamaat Al-Islamyia, to win at least 65% of seats in the first round

11:20 Independent candidate Gameela Ismael is in a tight race with the Egyptian Bloc's Mohamed Hamed for the professionals' seat in Cairo's Kasr El-Nil.

10:00 Preliminary results indicate liberal activist Amr Hamzawy has won a seat in Heliopolis, Cairo. Hamzawy, a professor of political science, was running as an independent for the professionals’ seat.

09:50  Sameer Khashaba, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), has won an independent seat in the first constituency of the Assiut governorate. Bayoumy Ismael of Jamaa El-Islamiya is currently ahead of his competitor, the former NDP member Mohamed Hamdy Dssouky, in the race for the Assiut workers’ seat. In the second constituency, Salah Ragab, the individual candidate of the Salafist Nour Party is in the lead for the professionals’ seat.

09:45 Preliminary results show that the candidate list of the Freedom and Justice Party and the Egyptian Bloc are leading in the Red Sea governorate. Independent Coptic candidate Sameer Hars, FJP member Mohamed Abdel Aziz and the Salafist Abdel Hak El Sebaey are leading in the battle for the individual seats.

09:30 In Helwan, Cairo's ninth constituency, which includes Helwan, El-Basateen, El-Maadi, El-Masara, El-Tabeen, and Tora districts the Freedom and Justice (FJP) candidate list is winning so far.

In second place is the candidate list of the Salafist Nour Party, and in third place the Egyptian Bloc, which includes the leftist Tagammu Party and the liberal Free Egyptians Party.

Competition remains tense between Nour Party candidate Ahmed El-Dory and the independent Mustafa Bakry for one of the two individual seats. However, preliminary results show that Bakry is ahead by a small margin. As for the workers’ seat, Ramadan Omar, of the FJP is so far leading.

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