MB slams tycoon-owned sat channels for misinforming voters

Ahram Online, Monday 5 Dec 2011

Satellite TV channels owned by business magnates are transmitting false election-related news, charges Islamist group

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party ‎‎(FJP) released a statement on Monday slamming satellite ‎television stations “owned by businessmen” for ‎transmitting what it described as “false information” about ‎Egypt’s ongoing parliamentary elections.‎

According to the FJP, these channels are playing a ‎‎“dangerous role” by “misleading voters with false news,” ‎incorrectly suggesting for instance that runoff elections ‎had been cancelled in the Cairo voting districts of El-‎Sahel and Shubra and in Alexandria’s Maharam Bek. ‎

Such inaccurate information, the party noted, came in ‎spite of the fact that Egypt’s Supreme Electoral ‎Commission (SEC) had explicitly denied reports that ‎some runoffs had been cancelled.‎

The FJP went on to urge the local media to cover the ‎ongoing polls objectively and refrain from “manipulating ‎the Egyptian people in the interests of a small number of ‎businessmen.”‎

Several Egyptian satellite television channels are owned ‎by prominent businessmen of liberal political orientations, ‎including ONTV, owned by Coptic-Christian billionaire and ‎founding member of the liberal Free Egyptians party ‎Naguib Sawris, and El-Hayat, owned by El-Sayed El-‎Badawy, head of the liberal Wafd Party.‎

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